They get married later now don’t they?

The tabloids are having a field day, even The Times was full of it. Wedgewood and Royal Worcester pottery wil be  hiring more staff to meet the demand for commemorative plates and cups. Everyone’s digging out the bunting and the union jack table cloths in anticipation of another Royal wedding party next summer.

I think back to the Queen’s Jubilee day in 1977 when the pubs stayed open all day as a special treat for her loyal subjects, ( Not that we took any advantage of such largesse of course ) and little Tommy in his red outfit in Woodhouses in July 1981 at the street party to celebrate Charles & Diana’s wedding and I wonder how all our lives seem to run a similar course.

Charles is 5 years older than me but took 3 years longer to get married and start producing offspring.

Like me and Pops from League of Gentlemen, he has two sons,  fine boys ( who pay ). His lads are now starting to get married and possibly even meet some of the cost,  rather than asking the country to pay the whole bill.

William’s choice, Kate Middleton, is of simple stock with labourers and coalminers counted amongst her antecedents on her Mothers side and minor Yorkshire bourgeois on her Father’s side. They are are self made entrepreneurs doing very nicely selling fairy outfits and such like to indulged,  middle class, little girls on the Internet.

What interests me more are the increased life chances of girls like Kate. A generation or two ago she may have struggled to get into Marlborough, not least because of her gender, but also due to perceived Nouveau Riche status of her parents. But there she is , with friends called Olli, Pippa  and Josh, the ability to ski, shoot and ride and able to the answer that classic  interview career question of ” Where do you see yourself in 10 years time ” with “Queen of England”

Still more interesting is that my own children can no doubt find a link to Kate through some mutual Marlborough acquaintance or chance meeting at a Riviera wedding.  Closest I ever got to a Queen of England was on the back of a bright half crown received as a payment for my paper round.


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