Happy Anniversary to Tom & Jenny

It seems both like yesterday and  long ago. Our great day in Richmond celebrating Tom & Jenny’s wedding. Today is their first anniversary – paper ! We will never forget : Austin & Tim, beautiful Millgate House, the clan gathering in Drawing Room, champagne & canapes, hors d’ourvres, halibut, lamb, trio of desserts and those fantastic local cheeses,water from Georgian silver and Pinot Noir  from lead crystal..

About bloody time!

…Sean, Ben and Ian’s speeches, how elegant everyone looked, Lee’s trip to Darlo for a shirt, Swindell cup cakes, Ross doing the timewarp, Ian and Tom on Bongos, a broken tambourine and so many more memories – the best little wedding ever !! Dont let anyone suggest otherwise. Enjoy your anniversary.


About Moorendman

A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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One Response to Happy Anniversary to Tom & Jenny

  1. HK Bingo says:

    True say Teddy, hear hear!

    Happy Anniversary Australia, cyber messages to replace paper and thus save the trees!!

    Seems like much more than a year to this reader though… yikes.

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