M’goi Maple Tree

Our recent trip To Hong Kong proved useful last night whilst eating at our local Chinese restaurant, The Maple Tree, in Marple Bridge. Thanking the waiter in cantonese gave him an inordinate amount of pleasure and somehow convinced him I was fluent. After assuring him that I was not, he was very excited to hear about Hong Kong and was our friend for the night. His other talents included the ability to play ” Happy Birthday” on his harmonica  which duly came out when a family party on a nearby table were presented with a cake. He offered to play “Congratulations” for us at our next family celebration.

The Maple Tree is reliable, perhaps not the greatest food, but what they do , they do well. We had the mixed starter plate of salt and pepper ribs, seaweed, chicken satay, prawn toast and spring rolls, followed by Kung Po Chicken, Honey Roast cantonese pork served on beansprouts and the Special Chow Mein. The Chow Mein is a bit of a cliche but it has both crispy and soft noodles, vegetables, water chestnuts, chicken, beef and large prawns. It sounds like a template for a Vesta Ready meal from the sixties but I love it.

The place is usually full, the staff are attentive and very pleasant. The prices too are reasonable. All the above with a bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and Green Tea was £57.

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4 Responses to M’goi Maple Tree

  1. Peta says:

    lovely evening, the food and tea were good, not sure about that wine … it managed to be sort of sweet and a bit tart at the same time

  2. HK Bingo says:

    M goi maai daan when you’ve had enough: the bill should duly appear.
    Obviously only one of you will pick that up, you don’t have a dog and bark yourself.

    Not sure what the Cantonese for “boys pay” is unfortunately…

  3. Curmudgeon says:

    How many people were in the party? £57 is fine for three, but a bit steep for two.

  4. Moorendman says:

    It’s not really that expensive – we tend to order a lot to eat. The wine is not great, stick to Tsing Tao Beer ( or lout :))

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