Another Place, Crosby

Anthony Gormley’s  spectacular installation of statues in Merseyside. Each of the statues is a lifesize cast iron replica of Gormley’s own body. There are 100 of them at various points  over a 3 km stretch of beach at Crosby, north of Liverpool. They all face the same way looking west over the Mersey Estuary and the Irish Sea towards Snowdonia.

Like all good art the figures provoke , I woke the following day remembering fragments of poetry that these images had evoked. So I have compiled a short anthology of poems inspired by these pictures. The poem Fixed by Sheenagh Pugh is actually written about these statues ( titled here Built on Sand, anchored )

As usual, you can click on the images above to see them as a larger image and read the full poem that the title is taken from.


About Moorendman

A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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