Christmas Shopping rewarded by Chaophraya Lunch

A trip into the city for Christmas shopping yesterday, was rounded off with a visit to Manchester’s best Thai restaurant for lunch. The downstairs lounge has been made over and upgraded to a very swish restaurant room. This seems to be a policy of Chaophraya – dont rest on your laurels, continously improve.

The lunch menu is very good – we started with 2 of the tapas plates , listed below, which are substantial and varied enough for a lunch in themselves but we added a shared red curry with chicken as a mini main course.

Moo Yang – Grilled marinated pork with honey, coriander
root, garlic and pepper, served on bamboo skewers.
Gung Chun Pang Tod – Deep fried marinated prawns in a light batter.
Khanom Jeeb – Steamed dumpling with pork, crab and
prawns wrapped in a wonton pastry.
Khanom Pung Nha Gung – A mixture of deep fried minced prawns,
pork, coriander, chilli paste and pepper.Served on white bread.

Cee Krong Moo -Grilled pork spare rib marinated with
BBQ sauce.
Poh Piah Tod – Crispy golden spring roll filled with duck,
vermicelli and vegetables.
Tod Mun Pla – A subtle blend of minced fish, mild red curry,
green beans and lime leaves.
Satay Gai – Marinated chicken in Thai herbs and honey
grilled over charcoal and served on bamboo skewers.

Gang Daeng – Thai Red curry served with chicken or prawns,
bamboo shoots, pepper, and sweet basil in coconut milk. Served with steamed rice.

As ever , the service was exemplary , the food excellent and we will have to wait 2 weeks before another visit. Lunch with 3 beers £34.

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