And the 2022 World Cup is awarded to..

Devon, the final will be held in either Plymouth or Exeter , with stadia to be built in Barnstaple, Tiverton, Okehampton and Newton Abbot to complement the existing facilities in Torquay, Exmouth and Paignton…..Well it may as well be – because its actually going to be held in:

Qatar !!

FFS – FIFA excel themselves with this one. A secret cabal of 22 self important , blatantly corrupt bureaucrats top off a marvellous week with this ridiculous decision.

Qatar, A flat plain of sand, smaller than Yorkshire, with a population of less than 2 million , no football history, a country that has never appeared in a world cup, where the average June/July temperatures are over 40 degrees centigrade……

The cultural opportunities abound , the diversity of its cities…The 3rd and 4th largest “cities” of Qatar Al Khor and Al Wakrah have populations of around 30,000 people – about the same as Hyde, Altrincham or Accrington.

The country is run under Sharia law so the bars will be lively.

Qatar’s legacy aspect of its win will make interesting reading as it’s 1.5 million population of mostly forced labourers enjoy 10 to 15 world class stadia, complete with airconditioning,  all holding a minimum of 40,000 that are not yet built .

FIFA outline World Cup criteria

FIFA has outlined the key criteria for all countries interested in bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

The game’s world governing body have kicked off the 24-month campaign by sending out a circular letter to all member associations eligible to bid inviting them to bid for either or both tournaments.

However, no country will be considered for 2022 if another nation from their continent wins the vote for 2018.

The letter reads: “FIFA is determined that this overwhelming ability to reach out to the world should benefit the game of football itself and society in general, and therefore asks that candidates make sure that this power is used in order to achieve positive change.”

The letter states that around 12 stadia with a minimum capacity of 40,000 will be needed to host the tournament. The stadium for the final will have to have at least 80,000 seats – Wembley has 90,000

It adds: “FIFA would like to emphasise that the infrastructure and facilities of the host country must be of the highest quality in order to fulfil the requirements of the world’s most popular sporting event.”


Another nail in the coffin of “The Beautiful Game” We should just tell them to F£”” O** and take our ball home.


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One Response to And the 2022 World Cup is awarded to..

  1. HK Bingo says:

    Bravo Teddy!!

    Exceptionally articulated.
    Informative and funny, and with barely a “boys pay”gag in sight….!

    I love the way we have to wait until halfway through the article to see the real reason for your frustrations though:

    “The country is run under Sharia law so the bars will be lively”

    If Teddy wants to go to the world cup… he can’t have a few pints.
    How’s your British Bulldog tattoo looking?

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