That was the week that was..

…dominated  by the weather, especially the snow which seems as I write to be thawing away nicely under some more typical Manchester weather of low cloud and rain. They say the temperatures are below normal but 5 , 6 or 7 degrees will do just fine. Half of Scotland is still at a standstill though and they have only just reopened the M8.

…the fiftieth anniversary of Coronation Street ( I refuse to use the expression Corrie which is as high on the  TII , Ted irritability index,  as Crimbo, Timbos etc – all a bit scouse ) and understandably has dominated the weeks TV schedules with re-runs and tributes, “best of’s” and the fantastic drama , ironically on BBC , Road To Coronation Street.

….. big on Student protests against the government’s plan to raise tuition fees. I rather admire them for this for its about time that youth realised it’s role in society  is to protest to governments rather than their parents. Apart from marches in London against the fees , some students have invaded Top Shop and others of Philip Green’s stores in protest at this billionaire’s reluctance to pay UK tax and thus perhaps help pay the student’s substantial debts ( to Vodaphone, Orange, O2 , McDonalds and Domino Pizza )

I well remember the student protest marches in November 1971 in London because we all had a nice day out on a coach from Portsmouth, got to chant “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie – Out, Out, Out !! ” beside the Houses of Parliament and I copped off with a girl at a Socialist Worker Dance in Kensington. But I cannot remember what the actual protest issue was. Now its all getting a bit nastier with crusty veterans of the poll tax riots and even street gangs from the North London sink estates turning up for the opportunity for “lumber”. I would think its not unkind to believe that most of them could not articulate a coherent argument about student finance, at least not without the use of the word “like” every 4th word.

…..Wikileaks, Julian Assange ,aka man in a suitcase, finally got arrested.  Just as it was no surprise to read on Wikileaks that some people believe that Russia is a mafia state or that The government of Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega was financed by the proceeds of the drugs trade and a million other ” Do Bears shit in the woods stories”, it is equally of no surprise to learn that if you embarrass most of the leaders of the known world then it is entirely possible that they may come after you. Now the latest development is that some of  those computer science students who have actually attended some lectures and are not in London shouting “Cleggs a t%*t” are spending their time hacking into those organisations who wont take money for wikileaks anymore. But why Amazon? Did Julian have his wedding list of gifts on there perhaps

…….that Google released it’s Zeitgeist lists. Great stuff this, Google sharing with us in detail what the world is searching for beyond “Porn” or “Bingo”. There are all sorts of lists such Top 10 Fastest Rising people. In the august company of Eminem, Lady Gaga and sodding Katy Perry were Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, taylor Lautner and Megan Fox. I can hear the Stretford end at this point chanting one of their favourites……………..” Who the F%$* are you”

There are many other lists of course but one that I especially enjoyed was Fastest Falling
(for this read : Schadenfreude, like Zeitgeist another useful bit of German , meaning morose delectation in the misfortune of others ) Bye Bye Myspace layouts,Susan Boyle and thankfully swine flu.

…..that FC United lost their bid to reach the FA Cup third round after a replay with Brighton, Berbatov couldn’t hit a barn door from the inside, we burnt at least 2 whole trees,  enjoyed a chippy tea from the Town Fryer in Marple Bridge and watched far too much Come Dine with Me (put it down to the snow)


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