Drama from The Football Family Act I

Scene 1 -The recently renamed Long Room at Ewood Park.
(  Seated at the Boardroom table are Balaji and Venkatesh Rao , millionaire owners of the Vankers Poultry empire and now Blackburn Rovers)

Venkatesh: ” Oh Balaji, what have you done, putting Samji up the Accrington Road. I thought he would be a good manager because he looks so much like Ganesh, the Hindu Lord of Success. Does the similarity offend your religosity?”

Balaji : “ No, no Balaji. This is just paper talkings, real reason I am setting fire to his
asses is for poor performance. Losing to Boltons was the utter straw, Boltons are not even in the top division of the Mellor Braggins South Lancashire Cricket Combination “

Venkatesh:  ” Is that all? Surely in this game one must meet triumph and disaster just the same..”

Balaji interupts ” Not just that Venkyji, also is letting Berbatov take 5 wickets at Old
Trafford, is keep selecting Ryan Nelsen even though he cannot get in New Zealand’s 20:20 Team and always doing leaving the covers off our Ewood Park wicket overnight.”

Venkatesh: ” I suppose you are right, we need to be up there with the Manchester Marauders, Arsenal Aswipes and Chelsea Challengers”

Balaji:  ” We are OK though, we have a few months before the season starts properly. In April when Oxford University will open the batting against Lancashire at Fenners – they will need two jerseys though in the deep outfield “

Venkatesh: ” and by then we will have new players and manager. I hear that Royal Challengers Bangalore have let Kevin Pietersen go, we should be ingoings for him”

Balaji: ” Still , I am worried about the fanwallahs, if they upset , they not buy our
chickings. What can we do to take their mind off it?  Lets refocus as Lord Saccahrine telling the apprenticings”

Venkatash , gazing intently at computer screen ” I think I am having it, Googling is good ,
no? We could change the name of the club to something that brings our business into it but also retains the historicals connecting”

Balaji:  ” what , like Chicken and chips? “

Venkatesh: ” No, no, no – like Rovers and Chicken……. ( keys these words into Google )..ah I have it .. Cockerels !! “

Balaji:  ” No , tottingspurs have this first premier”

Venkatesh:  ” Ok , then we need a word that combines roving about aimlessly with some poultry connection – Got it – Headless !! “

Balaji ” Perfect – We are now  Blackburn Headlesses”


About Moorendman

A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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  1. Peta says:

    quite wonderful 🙂

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