Waltz again Weasel

The Waltzing Weasel near Hayfield was something of a local superstar for years in this area. I can’t think of many other local pubs with rooms that were reviewed in the Daily Telegraph by the infamous mystery guest , Paddy Burt. Read her review of 1999 here. (t’internets a wonderful thing  isnt it?)

Since the owners from Paddy Burt’s visit moved on ( complete with their sign on the bar that read : “French people – We love your cheese, but you can keep the euro ! “ ) the pub has not done too well. We made one visit about 4 years ago where Mine Host saw fit to greet us in tracky bottoms and slippers ; for some strange reason we chose not to pay him another visit.

All things must pass, and the pub has new owners , it’s been spruced up without changing it’s essential character and is very welcoming with one of the best real fires around. The staff are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. We enjoyed two fine home made sandwiches , A BLT and A thick roast ham served with a dressed side salad and fat chips. A nice selection of real ales are offered and both the menu and wine list look interesting and are sensibly priced.


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One Response to Waltz again Weasel

  1. Peta says:

    “£17.50 for bottle of wine; £51 for dinner. Total: £168.30.” 1999 prices?

    Kept out the riff raff …

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