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We all love a curry, it now has a definitive role as British comfort food. Two weeks in some foreign field and no matter how good the local cuisine, sooner or later you feel the need for a curry. What is also surprising is how loyal people are to their favourite dish. That there are often in excess of seventy or eighty choices of main course in your average high street curry house means nothing to most of us. We read the menu for a few minutes, ponder, deliberate, cogitate and still order the same old favourite Chicken Dansak or Lamb Madras.

For decades, the same stuff was on the menu but now things are changing somewhat. The chefs in some forward thinking places are getting adventurous and making their own recommendations with some wild and wonderful dishes. Perhaps they are trying to reinvent that star of the British Curry House, the Chicken Tikka Massala. One otherwise excellent local restaurant, the Blue Nile in Hazel Grove, is constantly trying to do this with mixed results. If you read the word beetroot in their menu description, don’t order the dish ! If you read the word “Korollo Fish” then run away !!

Korollo , is a probable corruption of Karela, the Bitter Gourd, seen here and in many Asian groceries.

In my opinion, Indigo in Romiley is a hidden gem. If you can ignore the less attractive position in Romiley Precinct and some of it’s clientèle, then there are opportunities within the menu to taste real Indian ( or more correctly, Bangladeshi ) food. Amongst the familiar, new, and old dishes are some entries that I am sure the staff who cook and serve will be eating themselves after closing. The Dhal Gosht , lentils with succulent melting lamb pieces, Dhal Macni and Kodhu ( Butternut squash curry ) are dishes that you will rarely see elsewhere. Interestingly they are also the dishes that are most likely closest to Bangladeshi home style food.

Last week I collected a takeaway from Indigo on Tuesday night and was surprised at how full it was. This was not surprising when I saw that Tuesdays at Indigo has an offer for papadom and chutney, any starter, any main course (up to a £7 limit) and your choice of rice or Naan for only £9 per person. This Tuesday we took advantage of the offer and enjoyed an excellent meal.

Currently on BBC, Michel Roux has a series about service in restaurants where he is attempting to train 8 young people to become great waiters and sommeliers ( Think Jamie’s Fifteen served with The Apprentice and a side order of The Restaurant ). Our visit to Indigo reminded me that professional service , in virtually all restaurants from the sub-continent, is a given. You are invariably served promptly , looked after with courtesy and a smile and I cannot remember the last time a mistake was made with a food order.

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6 Responses to Mood Indigo

  1. Possum Pete says:

    I don’t remember much courtesy or smiling at the Garam Masala … good scran though.

  2. Jenny says:

    I’ll have the lamb …

  3. Honky Tonk Man says:

    boys pay!

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