So last week was the one that..

..saw many thousands of column inches and hours of video occupied by the Sky pundits , Gray and Keys, “sexism” scandal.  “Poor” Keys in an hour long self-serving interview on Talk Sport spoke about how sad he was that Sian Massey, the assistant referee , who they had insulted thinking they were off air, was the subject of so much media focus. He also spoke about “Dark Forces” being at work within Sky contributing to Gray’s dismissal and no doubt his own imminent resignation.

“Dark Forces”…that’s right , Richard. The same Sky Sports “Dark Forces” that have changed football in the UK forever and not in a good way. Whilst your 20 years at Sky have resulted in a fat bank balance and a Surrey mansion , for the rest of us it has meant the end of the Saturday afternoon experience, the ever increasing greed of players and their agents, outrageous fixture and kick off timing for the purposes of TV scheduling, the arrival of Premier league owners from all over the world sensing a fast buck, the complete “americanisation” of the game complete with “franchise” partners such as Budweiser ( King of Beers !! ) and the ever increasing financial gap between the Premier League and the rest ; all of this pump primed by Sky’s money. Perhaps, in your now abundant spare time Richard, you might find time to read Faust.

…Control Orders were re-branded TPIMs (Terrorist, Prevention and Investigation Measures). To read and watch the chattering classes on this one , you would think that Control Orders were issued in their thousands. Not so, a little research reveals that there have only been 47 imposed since 2005. Some of these orders have been used as a reluctant alternative to deportation for terrorist suspects who avoid deportation by invoking European Convention Human Rights , especially Article 3 which relates to Torture. It seems right and proper for the majority to be protected from the lunatic few, even if it means some loss of liberty for those suspects.

By comparison, how many of our libertarians get quite so exercised by the far greater numbers of people attending football matches who are subjected to deprivation of their civil liberties by the police using Section 27 powers against them. An example of this can be read here.

….Labour announced that the Coalition’s economic policies were not working and they should change course immediately. This was based on one half of one percent fall in GDP in the winter quarter. Would labour have allowed the Coalition to claim a succesful turnaround of the economy had there been a growth of half a percent. Perhaps not.

…..The Norfolk Arms, an historic building and a pub in Marple Bridge since at least 1792,  was boarded up. Another testament to the ‘succesful’ business model employed by the big Pubcos such as Punch Taverns and Enterprise. This is a real shame,  it has a great position and surely someone could have made a go of this pub in what is a fairly affluent area. Lets hope the closure is temporary.

….the dreaded Tax Return was completed and submitted, a visit was paid to the excellent Dolce Vita Italian restaurant  in Marple ( The only restaurant we have ever returned to on a regular basis in Marple ) and the first tentative steps were taken in the vegetable plot.


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2 Responses to So last week was the one that..

  1. HK Bingo says:

    “It seems right and proper for the majority to be protected from the lunatic few, even if it means some loss of liberty for those suspects.”

    It does if you’re in the majority.
    I wonder what you’d think if your own flesh and blood was one of “those suspects”.

    Not getting on my high horse, i can understand the sentiment – until I imagine being in the minority.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

    • Moorendman says:

      Do unto others works both ways and , as a biblical quotation, should apply to all “peoples of the book”.

      I am not sure how I would think if my own flesh and blood was subject to a control order, perhaps I would wonder where I went wrong. However I am sure how I would feel if my own flesh and blood was one of these unfortunate souls: ( ) The inquest into this incident is taking place now.

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