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Staccato signals of constant information

This line from Paul Simon’s Boy in The Bubble of 1986 seems ever  more relevant today. Technology assaults us from every angle and as well as the avalanche of information from all the new sources , the old ones remain … Continue reading

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The emperor’s new clothes thrown in the bin..

If anything sums up  Manchester City Council and it’s approach to the cuts in central government funding, it is the news today that the city’s creative director Peter Saville will not have his £120,000 a year contract renewed. He has … Continue reading

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Brief Encounter at Whitehough

Last night, we drove out for an hour at the Old Hall at Whitehough, near Chinley. This had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that they were holding a winter beer festival this weekend, that was pure coincidence. We … Continue reading

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Stockport MBC on budget

On Thursday night , Stockport MBC passed it’s budget plans for 2011/12 and they have done very well in spite of cuts to their funding from central government. From a purely selfish point of view they are freezing the level … Continue reading

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Meeting with triumph not disaster

The theme of the week perhaps seems to be Baby Boomers, and one example who almost won his own sport’s major prize at the age of 60 (and with an articial hip!) was the golfing legend, Tom Watson,  who narrowly … Continue reading

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Free Parking for corporate fat cats

As discussed in an earlier post in November, British Gas continue to post record profits. Today they announced a profit of £742 million, an increase of some 24% after their inexcusable price rises and the cold winter. Their Press and … Continue reading

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No Country for Old Bears..

OK, so I am exactly the same age as Tony Blair and Jim Davidson , amongst others, but that is not a reason to keep picking on me and the others in the so called “Baby Boomer” bracket. An article … Continue reading

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