Top Gear not engaging

It seems that Top Gear has started upsetting people again. The latest faux pas is insulting Mexicans and Mexico. Perhaps they thought that the country was far enough away not to take any notice but it seems they have and the Mexican ambassador has demanded an apology from the BBC.

I have never been a big fan of Top Gear and it’s presenters  but that’s my choice. Lots of people love it, and the delicate and sensitive way Clarkson deals with issues like lorry drivers and prostitutes, partially sighted prime ministers and endless foreign stereotypes. How he gets away with it in the politically correct BBC world I will never know.

I like cars but cannot identify with this petrolhead nonsense and am always slightly suspicious of those who get their kicks buying car magazines and salivating over supercars. Perhaps my previous life as a Manchester private hire driver for a few years left me short of love for the internal combustion engine. When you have carried out major running repairs to a propshaft in the November rain on the side of a road in Salford at night , the romance is somehow lost.

But Jeremy et al have started to make enemies of comedians now. See Steve Coogan’s piece here and he claims to be a fan of the show! Even better , is this video snippet  by another comic, Stewart Lee:


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