That was a week past that featured….

..a visit to the excellent Regent cinema in Marple to see The Kings Speech. We needed to book three weeks in advance to get seats to see this film ( bloody Baby Boomers following Friends of the Earth advice ) and afterwards understood why. A worthy winner of any awards it wins, the acting was superb and very moving.

…the Health Service Ombudsman severely criticising the NHS record on care for the elderly in hospital. A report into 10 complaints said the NHS was failing to meet even the most basic standards of care for older people.The ombudsmen said these were “not isolated cases” – 18% of its complaints about the NHS last year were about the care of older people

The report  has reprimanded health professionals for “neglecting fundamental aspects of care for older people, including food, water and cleanliness”. Doubling of the NHS budget in 10 years, trusts, nursing as a degree, foundation status, over proliferation of bullshit management culture, all this and they still can’t give your gran a glass of water when she needs it. Perhaps it’s a “training issue”

…a rash of Youtube videos featuring Mike Summerbee’s Sky punditry which recalled Kevin Keegan at his most partisan. It must be difficult for a City stalwart like Summerbee who is still there after 34 years , as the song says.

…every evening , the local news showing more news about local authority cuts in spending and how they are dealing with it. The whole issue has become a ideological battleground with the Labour run councils of Manchester and Liverpool determined to politicise every decision. Scare stories abound of libraries, sports centres and youth facilities closing whilst questions about the Chief Executive, Richard Leese’s £200,000 salary are dismissed as irrelevant. I feel  that very few people outside the government and the local authorities really have any understanding of the method used to fund local authorities. The way the budgets have been reduced this year offer both sides excellent opportunities to use different interpretations to make their own case. By way of local comparison , Stockport MBC gets around £300 per head of population in central government money as against over £700 for every soul in Manchester.

..nine amigos visiting Los Amigos in Hazel Grove for a tapas meal to celebrate una amiga’s cumpleanos. The company was great and a nice evening was had by all, but I regret to say the food did not stand out on this occasion. Previous visits to this place, run by a Spanish family, have always been a success but the service was erratic and most of the tapas dishes served were not memorable. Perhaps it was an off night – I hope so.


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