No Country for Old Bears..

OK, so I am exactly the same age as Tony Blair and Jim Davidson , amongst others, but that is not a reason to keep picking on me and the others in the so called “Baby Boomer” bracket. An article published in the Sunday Times this week suggests that we are the age group most responsible for polluting the planet. Tony Juniper, the environmental adviser to the Prince of Wales and former head of Friends of the Earth, said his contemporaries needed to learn to consume fewer material goods, take a smaller number of flights and even eat less meat because rearing animals leads to land clearance, the creation of large amounts of methane gas and mass grain production.

Other marvellous observations:

  • according to Government advisors, we have the biggest ‘carbon footprint’ of any group in Britain outpacing teenagers and 20 somethings in our ‘exploitation of the planet’s resources’
  • if we continue to consume the same energy at the same pace, we could ‘harm the country’s battle against global warming’
  • we are more likely to travel on holiday overseas, buy power-hungry plasma t.v.’s and dine at the most restaurants which require ingredients to be flown in from abroad.
  • we have large houses in which children no longer live and gas guzzling cars.
  • have a ‘tendency to stay at home and turn up the heating’

So the Eco-Warriors and Environmental Campaigners suggest that we:

  • become vegetarian because rearing animals for meat leads to land clearance. large amounts of methane and mass grain production.
  • go for more walks.
  • visit the cinema, rather than watch t.v. at home.

Resisting the temptation  to send an email to Tony Juniper requesting that he goes and hugs some trees, preferably in New Zealand, I have begun collating a few thoughts on the above points:

Some of us do have larger houses, we worked and paid for them and are entitled to use them. Often we entertain children and grandchildren there. In many cases , some of them have failed to fly the nest in their thirties or feel the need to move back in.

How do they arrive at some of these conclusions? Older and  retired people are often living on savings and pensions both of which are not showing the best returns at this time of low interest rates. Strangely enough they do stay at home and, heaven forfend, keep warm. (Although they often have to turn up the heating to ensure less hardy offspring can survive in January without woollies )

As for visiting restaurants, where does the idea that they are more likely to eat in ones that import more food come from? Baby Boomers are more likely to be able to cook for themselves from scratch and understand local produce and seasonality.

Anyway, thats enough for now , I have to set off to walk the 3 miles to the cinema to watch The King’s Speech for the 33rd time and bollock the cinema proprietor for having the effrontery to heat his establishment, oh and he can stop serving that korean popcorn…

Final word from Tony Juniper ( as played by Javier Bardem ) bullying a baby boomer:


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