Stockport MBC on budget

On Thursday night , Stockport MBC passed it’s budget plans for 2011/12 and they have done very well in spite of cuts to their funding from central government. From a purely selfish point of view they are freezing the level of council tax but also it’s good to see that they will not be closing any libraries, will not be increasing the cost of any council services and it seems that Sure Start and children’s centres will escape the axe.

It begs the question why it could not have been done earlier as Council Tax has been rising at around 5% for the last 10 years in Stockport. A fuller review of the budget meeting can be found here on, Cheadle councillor, Iain Robert’s Blog. His blog is a great example of how free technology can be used very effectively to communicate and engage with constituents. Stockport should make him their Communications Czar.  I hope our own councillors here in Marple soon follow his lead.


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