The emperor’s new clothes thrown in the bin..

If anything sums up  Manchester City Council and it’s approach to the cuts in central government funding, it is the news today that the city’s creative director Peter Saville will not have his £120,000 a year contract renewed. He has enjoyed this consultancy role for 6 years and his output has been “minimalist”.

So what did the City get for it’s money apart from the opportunity to fawn over the “iconic” designer of some album covers? Most famously, it got this:

A stripey M. But you don’t understand, do you? Peter’s “work” was described by design critic Alice Twemlow  who wrote: “…in the 1980s… he would directly and irreverently “lift” an image from one genre—art history for example ( or, er, the alphabet ) —and recontextualize it in another.”

The whole episode highlights the lack of a sense of priority in  Manchester’s leaders. The council  for years has received much more money than other areas from central goverment to deal with high levels of deprivation, poverty, crime and lack of opportunity in the city, and then proceeded to waste £500,000 on vanity like this.

But then, as Sir Richard Leese might say, £500,000 is only a very small amount and will do very little when we are faced by the enormous cuts by the Tory coalition…….blah,blah,blah

Read the full story here in the Manchester Evening News ( where the comments section at the end make entertaining reading )

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One Response to The emperor’s new clothes thrown in the bin..

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Manchester always strikes me as a particularly badly-run local authority which seems more concerned with promoting its own image than providing quality services to its residents. The city centre may be full of glitzy new buildings, but most of the city area is, to be frank, a dump.

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