Happy 32nd Birthday

My eldest son is 32 today. He will no doubt celebrate in Melbourne with a good steak and a glass of good Australian red. Wishing him many happy returns  led me to think about other family members at 32.

For my own part, I was 32 years old in 1985, our second year in Tenement Lane, Bramhall. That summer we rented a holiday cottage in Rock, Cornwall. This was to be our last in the UK before we started to go abroad for holidays

My  father ( also a TES )  was 32 in 1951. At that time, he was  not married and  living in Waterloo street , Lower Crumpsall. In 1943, eight years earlier, he had been a navigator in a Halifax bomber from 102 squadron.

On a mission to bomb Gelsenkirchen, his plane was shot down and he “enjoyed” a compulsory 2 year holiday until 1945 as a POW in Stalag IVB, near Dresden. After the 6 long years of war that dominated his life from 1939 to 1945 , it’s no surprise he enjoyed a single life for a time.

His father ( Another TES ! ) was 32 in 1925 , living in Jackson Street, Lower Crumpsall , probably working at the ICI dyeing factory in Lower Crumpsall. He was married with 3 children under 6. His eldest child Gerard was born in 1917 but died at 4.

He married Elizabeth Ellen Marshall aged 24 during the Great War (1914 – 1918 ) where he had served in the King’s Regiment and was wounded on the Somme.

Elizabeth’s father , Sam Marshall was born and bred in Collyhurst , North Manchester. He married a local girl in Collyhurst and on his 32nd birthday was living in Hamilton Street Collyhurst working as a cloth finisher to support his wife and three young children. He sadly died aged 36 in 1906 and is buried in Philips Park Cemetery, Manchester.

Sam, in turn, was the son of Thomas Marshall and Mary Ann Woodhead who had moved to Collyhurst in the 1860’s, when Mary was 32. It is likely they did this for economic reasons, as Todmorden’s cotton industry was hit hard by the embargo on cotton exports from the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

Mary Ann Woodhead was born in Todmorden in 1833, some two years before John Batman established the first settlement in Melbourne , Australia.

The Woodheads in Todmorden can be traced back at least as far as 1600.


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5 Responses to Happy 32nd Birthday

  1. Billabong Tommy says:

    Brilliant, thank you. x

  2. HK Bingo says:

    check out the jellies on Billabong’s feet!!

    and why didn’t Grandpa Tom just put his hat on straight? he wouldn’t have had to tilt his head.

  3. HK Bingo says:

    and on closer inspection, check out how much more interested “the author” is in the barbecue than anything else!

  4. Moorendman says:

    You just can’t see your jellies – dress the monkeys the same!

  5. Tony Marshall says:

    My mum lived in Hamilton St Collyhurst from1910-1930 and went to St james’ school.Her surname was Rushworth.

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