Another week passes and was marked by..

..An enormous earthquake in Japan earlier today. I am not sure why I have felt the need to blog this as if this is news to anyone then they must be living underground. As a trained geologist , I understand the theory but can only stand awestruck at the power of nature. Whole buildings swept along in the flood whilst on fire !!

..England losing in the cricket World cup to Bangladesh. Last week it was Ireland , this week Bangladesh. Another serious blow for those Ingerlanders who maintain the Kiplingesque, sun never sets , Johnny Foreigner doesnt like it up ‘im view. Bangladesh isn’t just a song by George Harrison and the home of 95% of the UK’s curry house proprietors. How many people in the Britain  know that Bangladesh has three times the UK population at 165 million and that cricket is the most popular sport? Hardly surprising that sooner or later they would catch up.

..A visit last weekend to Croma in Manchester city centre to celebrate OH’s Mum’s 79th birthday. This pizza place with an edge is still  as good as ever, consistently good food and service at affordable prices. It deserves to continue to prosper. We enjoyed a pre -dinner drink in Rosso, an upmarket Italian at the top of King Street. Rio Ferdinand is reputed to have a share in the place but does he really need to charge £2.95 for half a Peroni considering his income from United?

..Kate Moss smoking on the catwalk during Paris Fascist Week ( Oh sorry, shouldn’t call it that now as Galliano’s gone ) and attracting much criticism in the press for being a poor role model to young girls. Obviously the cocaine use, the poor academic record and the single-handed popularisation of the “council house facelift” hair style were positive signals then.

…an awareness that the hours of daylight and darkness are almost the same now. A timely reminder that Spring is not far away and I need to find a new, more seasonal header image.

… falling over and I couldn’t access my blog for an hour. I am embarrased to admit that I looked on Twitter to confirm it was actually offline. That will teach me to slag it off. So in homage to Twitter I have rewritten my bio ( about the author ) in twitterese (140 characters, no more , no less):



About Moorendman

A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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2 Responses to Another week passes and was marked by..

  1. Bogan Bears says:

    Just been watching some of the footage from Japan – beyond belief ….

    The problem with twitter format is that it is open to interpretation, are you half retired or half retard ?

  2. Peta says:

    the jury’s still out 🙂

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