Another week rolls by..

..and Oddbins , the wine merchant, seems to be on the verge of going into administration. What is going on here? We are constantly being told that Britain drinks too much and that pubs are suffering because people drink at home more. Meanwhile a well established business, with high levels of customer service that sells quality beverages at a reasonable cost is struggling. It can’t all be Tesco’s fault or can it?

…..with some memorable sporting moments. England’s cricket team remain in the World Cup courtesy of an outrageous last ditch win against the West Indies and a demolition of Bangladesh by South Africa this morning. The usual suspects made it into the quarter finals of the Champions League whilst in the Europa league, two massive British teams with a great and historic pedigree were knocked out in the last 16 ( and Manchester City lost too)

..and Mario Balotelli , Manchester City’s Enfant Terrible, kept himself in the headlines not just by contributing to City’s exit from the Europa League with yet another pointless red card but also by demonstrating that either he misses his mum helping him in the morning or that his ADHD is finally getting the better of him. See what over half a million others have seen on Youtube:

..with Yotam Ottolenghi, the latest celebrity chef , appearing seemingly everywhere. His PR team must be in overdrive at the moment. Vegetables are the new black!

..and was ended by a very pleasant day in the garden. OH is determined to be Mellor’s answer to Carol Klein and has embarked on her vegetable growing career. We Baby Boomers do try to save the planet. Together we planted shallots and  onions, sowed parsnips, radish and broad beans, then made some indoor sowings of salads and beetroot.

..marked by the end of our windows in the kitchen. My repairs had seen us faithfully through the winter but we now have two great double glazed units that seem to be making a difference already. An excellent job by the firm Pate and Lever of Hazel Grove and we would not hesitate to recommend them.

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