The end of another week that wasn’t

…great for Somerset Council County council who, faced with making £34 million in cuts and laying off 1500 people, hired a Business Improvement Director to find savings  at £800 a day ( £200K per annum pro rata ) It may have been more sensible to do this before the cuts but it’s worth noting that the lady consultant had previously worked for West Sussex County Council in a similar role. One wonders if she was a Turkey finally voting for Christmas or that perhaps only an outsider can find  savings in councils.

…the most tactful on Geoff Boycott’s part who, when asked about England cricketer Michael Yardy’s depression,  said that Yardy wasn’t good enough and perhaps he was depressed because of Geoff ” I’m from Yorkshire, me” Boycott’s criticism of his bowling. Whilst admitting that he wasn’t a doctor and that he knew very little about the illness , he did attempt to share his own experience in his own inimitable way:

“I’ve been, with respect, a better player, I’ve been able to hold my place in the team for Yorkshire and England, so I’ve always got picked, played pretty good, so I’ve not been in that position where my quality of play has been poor and it’s got to me mind-wise.

“The only time I was genuinely upset and down was the period in 1978 when I lost my mother, she died, and then Yorkshire sacked me two days later as captain and I hadn’t even buried her.”

Yorkshiremen , ee, tell it like it is, lads.

…the most well attended at the last curry night from the Devonshire on Tuesday. Until a certain Mr Edleston appeared it looked like I was the only one going to show up. We pushed on regardless and took a taxi to Indigo in Romiley , but were unable to get a table as their Tuesday Night special continues to pull in the crowds. We walked on to Savoy Spice , also in Romiley, where they were doing their own special deal but it didn’t match that of Indigo. A  fair number of clients in that night  like us seemed to be Indigo refuseniks. The food from a more limited menu was very good if a touch on the hot side.

…one to take on a Gurkha if you were a member of the Taliban. Acting Sergeant Dipprasad Pun was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross after an action last year in Helmand.

For more than a quarter of an hour, alone on the roof, Acting Sgt Pun fought off an onslaught from rocket-propelled grenades and AK-47s. In total, he fired more than 400rounds, launched 17 grenades and detonated a mine. At one point, when an insurgent tried to climb up to his position, his rifle failed and he resorted to throwing his machine gun tripod to knock him down. To think that Joanna Lumley had to work so hard to get residence rights for these guys, still we always have room for Abu ” The Hook ” Hamza and his pals.

….bad at all as far as the weather was concerned. Spring really has arrived with Cherry trees, Blackthorn, currants and Forsythia in full bloom. Blue skies and warm temperatures are filling everyone with the “joys of Spring”

…the best for fans of Elizabeth Taylor who passed away at the age of 79. One of the most overused words in our vocabulary is Diva – this actress really was one.

…the week in which we have to fill in the 2011 census. That duty must be undertaken on Sunday 27th March. Debates will take place over who is the head of house  and just how many of the questions are pointless. More on this later..

…quite the last hour of bachelorhood for my nephew David who is getting married in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Saturday 26th March. I have sent his brother and best man our apologies and congratulations and wish the happy couple all happiness.


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