Vladimir Ilyich Miliband

If Ed Balls is the most annoying man in politics , then Wallace, Ed Miliband seems to be one of the most biddable. Why oh why did he go on that march ? It has to be seen as a serious error of judgement for a number of reasons: firstly it seems to show him as beholden to the TUC, the organisers of the event, who put him into power at the expense of his brother. Secondly it was surely foolish to adopt such a prominent position in a rally to save jobs and stop cuts when even he admits that Labour would have had to make significant cuts too, and by implication are responsible for the deficit in the first place.Thirdly  you didn’t need to be a clairvoyant to expect some trouble and violence at such a big gathering (which would be seized on by his opponents) duly provided by the moronic anarchists of Class War.( some of whom have public school acents and names like Lucy, Otis and Giles )

The cynical would also point to his announcement yesterday that he is to marry his long term partner as a transparent attempt to broaden his appeal to the electorate. Is he pushed about or pulled?  Who is giving him advice? Is it conceivable that Alistair Campbell or Peter Mandelson would have allowed Blair or Brown to take such a misguided action as being so prominent in a TUC march. One explanation may be  that Ed Miliband sees himself as some modern day re-incarnation of Lenin, Too many fireside tales of the glorious, soviet leader from his Dad, the prominent Marxist thinker , Ralph Miliband, perhaps.


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