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What does Fagara mean again?

Our first full day in Hong Kong starts with a visit to Maxims Palace at City Hall, Edinburgh place, a cultural center with a large second floor restaurant serving some of Hong Kong’s best dim sum from trolleys on Saturdays … Continue reading

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A view from a different peak..

Greetings to all readers – Mellor View relocates to the South China Sea, specifically Hong Kong for a few days. The reason being to see our sons, one of whom lives here, the other who has travelled from Melbourne, Australia … Continue reading

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The Swan at Kettleshulme

On Easter Sunday we took a trip out to Kettleshulme to eat lunch at the Swan. The pub itself has a lot of character, serves good real ales from a limited but well kept range, a short but quality wine … Continue reading

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No car Friday

Good Friday dawned with the unseasonally good weather continuing. It was more like an August bank holiday. With no plans we discussed what to do for the day. I tentatively suggested a No Car day. After so many years spent … Continue reading

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It’s kindalike a Kindle

With some travelling getting close, I have bought a Kindle, the E-Book reader from Amazon. A little bit of motivation coming from “Boy’s Toys” and some from the idea of being able to carry around 3500 books in a device … Continue reading

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Another roll up for another week that featured..

..the 50th anniversary of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin. Something I remember well as a primary school kid, how much more was achieved in the next 10 years but then it has seemed to slow down as other … Continue reading

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There is a town in North Ontario..

or perhaps the town should be inĀ  North Cheshire. The line comes from the Neil Young song “Helpless” (no, not that Neil Young) and would seem to sum up the plight of Stockport County who after 105 years of continuous … Continue reading

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