Falling over ourselves to get all of the misery right

Last week another brave man was brought home from Afghanistan, his coffin wrapped in the Union Jack, another sad journey through Wootton Bassett. Lance Seargant Mark Burgan , 28 years old, was killed by a roadside bomb just six days from the end of his tour of duty.

The night before his body was brought back to the UK, thousands of people in his home town of Kirby, near Liverpool held an event where hundreds of chinese lanterns were sent into the night sky in his memory. I am not sure where I am with this,  I would not want to deny any show of appreciation for the dead man and his family, but why does society now go for these mawkish , over emotional displays. The “Diana” effect lives on. Thousands of people couldn’t have known this man, what is it all about?

Some say that these mass shows of public grief are good , that our fathers and grandfathers generations had it wrong with their stiff upper lip attitudes. They didn’t talk about their wartime experiences, except perhaps to their comrades. They had other ways of showing respect for the fallen. But  they lived a society where it would not have been acceptable for people to burn poppies on Remembrance Sunday or that scum could regularly steal bronze plaques from war memorials to sell as scrap.


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One Response to Falling over ourselves to get all of the misery right

  1. Honking Kong says:

    Maybe thousands didn’t know him.

    But perhaps thousands knew someone like him, or know someone like him, and wanted to show their solidarity.

    There but for the Grace of God…

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