The week that has just passed was notable for..

..a midweek lunch at Sam’s Chop House, on Back Pool Fold in the centre of Manchester.
Sam’s was, at one time , an institution in Manchester with the professional classes: solicitors and stockbrokers used it as  a place to do business and then seal the deal afterwards with a Barnsley chop and a good claret. Much of that clubby feel remains and like it’s sister (brother surely !!) restaurant, Thomas’s Chop House on Cross Street maintains an exceptional wine list. They had advertised an express lunch menu , 2 courses for £11.99 , 3 courses for 13.99.

The OH had a  goat’s cheese mousse on mixed leaves served with home made piccalilli followed by a burger , I went for the brown onion soup with a Lancashire cheese crouton, then sampled the pork faggots with apple and thyme on mashed potato. Almost OK but the the service was most definitely not express and the eventual bill with  2 orange and sodas, a glass of house red and a pint was almost double the the advertised price when the 10% service was added in. Seven out of ten at best and much murmuring about Chaophraya afterwards

Sams Chop House on Urbanspoon

..the Aintree race meeting. Wednesday was scouse Liverpool day and an extra opportunity for the ladees to exhibit their fine orange tans, nail extensions and to show dem wimmin from Ascot how its done eh.

De doo ‘ave dat style don’t dey dough (or least individuality) the Bo Peep look seems to be the thing this year, and this wasn’t  even the official Ladies day which is Friday.

The Daily Mail had sent its paps out looking for  horrors but they seemed to have plenty of material – see here (warning – extreme fashions) . It really is an entertaining day out though , we went to Ladies Day on the Friday few years ago. All human life was there.

….A rare example of that canard  often quoted by overpaid public sector bosses of being “worth more in the private sector”. This week ex-store detective turned high-powered HR manager for Greater Manchester Police, Julia Rogers, had her request to be paid an £11,000 bonus turned down. She had been allowed to leave her £110K a year job with the GMP early as she had secured a £200K role with Romec (originally part of Royal Mail). She then had the brass neck to ask if she could be paid her discretionary bonus. What is it with bonuses in the Public sector – isn’t the high salary enough to ensure reasonable performance? You have to wonder about the negotiating skills of her new employers as well:

“Could you tell us what you currently earn? (and don’t lie because it’s  a matter of public record) “

” Certainly – I earn £110,000 a year”

” Right then… does £200,000 sound? Would that be OK? And we will give you a title of ‘Change Director’ , which is almost as risible as our salary offer.”

Or maybe you don’t need to wonder as Romec were , as stated above, part of that super efficient business Royal Mail.

…new depths plumbed by lady drivers of large gas guzzling 4×4 vehicles. Read about it here.

Euuggh - Sheffield, do they speak English there?

…a good old Tory gaffe as Oliver Letwin  was pilloried for making unfortunate comments about “not wanting more people from Sheffield flying away on cheap holidays” in a private conversation with Boris ” Mr Tactful” Johnson. Nick Clegg (MP for Sheffield Hallam) has suggested that he should tread carefully next time he visits the City. Not that there is much chance of that as it’s oop north, full of northerners and Not-London. Meanwhile David Cameron and his wife suffered an  Easyjet flight to Malaga for the sake of showing solidarity with austerity Britain. He must want to tear his hair out at times.


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  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Jeez, there are some heifers on that Daily Mail link!

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