There is a town in North Ontario..

or perhaps the town should be in  North Cheshire. The line comes from the Neil Young song “Helpless” (no, not that Neil Young) and would seem to sum up the plight of Stockport County who after 105 years of continuous history in the Football league seem destined to drop into the football Conference.

Stockport as a borough has a population of around 250,000 and the town itself has
over 130,000 citizens. This can be be compared to Leverkusen in Germany which has a population of around 160,000. Like Stockport it is within 10 miles of a larger and more
famous city, Cologne, but unlike Stockport it has a football team, Bayer Leverkusen,  which reached the Champions League final in 2002, and narrowly failed to win a domestic
double the same year.

Stockport used to play on a Friday night in deference to the greater pulling power of the two Manchester clubs but even that tactic is denied to them as Sale Sharks now
play Rugby Union  on many Friday nights. In any event , given the cost of watching live football, more than one match a weekend is no longer an option for many.

For some odd reason many football followers in Stockport seem to prefer a lighter blue in a higher division but they might spare a thought for County next time they sing “We support our local team” at Eastlands

Blue, blue windows behind the stars….


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