Another roll up for another week that featured..

..the 50th anniversary of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin. Something I remember well as a primary school kid, how much more was achieved in the next 10 years but then it
has seemed to slow down as other areas of technological change have surged forward. Maybe it’s time for a re-release of ‘Telstar’ by the Shadows.

…the first FA cup semi final between the two Manchester clubs for over 80 years. Fair play to City , on balance they deserved it ,as the sweat soaked shirts of many of the City
players bore witness to their greater desire. For United , it was going to happen sooner or later, too many echoes of past failings, Berbatov’s misses, Carrick’s misplaced pass
echoing his mistake against Barcelona and Paul Scholes reprising his horror tackle on Hakkan Mild for England against Sweden over 10 years ago. The end of “35 Years” perhaps, it will have to change to 28 trophies ahead then! One of my great-great grandmothers was from Hanley, one of the six towns (That’s Stoke to the uneducated)..cmon the Potters !!

…..One of the bloggers I link to becoming disillusioned with “The Beautiful Game ” as seen here and it reminded me of my own experience as documented briefly in one my 15
minutes of fame in the Manchester Evening News in 2007.

..A discovery of a very entertaining music site called  which allows you to stream music from mixes put together by others in a minimum of 8 tracks. You select  the genre and some other search filters and it throws up suggested mixes put together by aspiring DJ’s in their tens of thousands. I can now begin to learn what lo-fi, old school, dub step and ambient  actually are!

..the last episode of ” Jamie’s Dream School” on Channel 4. A bit of a Marmite show this one, people seem to love it, or it least find it fascinating, or hate it. Opinion is
very divided. A trawl of the internet seeking some alternative views to my own found some polar extremes such as a Leeds United Fan forum where the reaction to the “pupils”
was less than understanding and thought National Service and the birch the probable only solution and then  some critic in “The Guardian” who thought that the “Children”
needed engaging and the teachers were out of touch. For my own part , I felt a mixture of shock at the outrageous behaviour of some of the pupils ( at least three of whom were
borderline psychotic ) and envy at the spurned opportunity to meet the Dream School teachers that they were taught by. Anyone rational would surely go a long way for a chance to spend some time with Simon Callow, Andrew Motion, Alistair Campbell, Michael Vaughan , Jazzie B, Robert Winston, Rolf Harris and many others.

Once again Oliver has created some controversy with his latest “Crusade” but if it creates a debate and some ripples of consequence , then , like his School Dinners programmes, it can only be a good thing.

….more reasons to shake your head about life in modern Britain. Recently found in those strange corners of your Sky or Freeview box beyond Channel 128 was the faux soap ” The
Only Way is Essex” Don’t waste a moment of your life watching any of it, it has all been helpfully condensed into one video on you tube – OMG,there’s so many idiots round ‘ere.
what we like?

and if that doesn’t send you scuttling to the wine rack , try watching the most viewed pop video ever on the Internet (Warning, it is not Stairway to Heaven,Good Vibrations or Yesterday.)  The only ray of hope is that there are many young people who believe this to be the biggest piece of rubbish ever.

..visits to two favourite local places to eat, the Hare and Hounds at Mill Brow and Indigo in Romiley. Good weather persisted throughout, a bottle of wine won for the Longest
Drive at Frodsham and the best April show in the garden since we moved in.

Chaenomeles and Clematis alpina Willy

The overall theme of this post seems to be Orange….

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