It’s kindalike a Kindle

With some travelling getting close, I have bought a Kindle, the E-Book reader from Amazon. A little bit of motivation coming from “Boy’s Toys” and some from the idea of being able to carry around 3500 books in a device that weighs less and is thinner than a paperback.

Furthermore the squirrel in me was attracted by the opportunity to download so many free books including many of the great classics and the deal was sealed after a contract rider was self imposed that I will sell the thing if I don’t like it.

I bought mine from Tesco’s ( AKA The Great Satan ) needing instant gratification once the purchase threshold was passed. I found it easy to set up and Ebooks are very quick to download from Amazon, here is an intial list of the pros and cons:


Light and thin, I have downloaded around 30 to 40 classics which if in paperback would be over a meter long and about 20 kilos minimum.
You can electronically bookmark everything you are reading
Relatively easy to delete anything you don’t want.
Battery power is good , life between charges of a month.
The text size can be changed, useful if you don’t have your glasses
Easy to read, better then reading from a standard screen , more like ink on paper. Readable in direct sunlight.
The capability of adding/storing your own documents on it. So for holidays, flight schedules, insurance docs etc ( but only as a back up !)
Free classic books may mean better quality stuff being read.
Built in Dictionary.
Built in  Wifi – so you can download even more.


You can break or drown it – it’s a bit more fragile than a paperback.
It’s not good for images.
You can’t easily share, lend or donate books
You spend less time in libraries or bookshops ( a pro fro some )
No new book smell.
Keyboard is small and fiddly and some aspects of it’s use are a bit fiddly.

Overall, it looks as though for me ( and certainly the OH ) it is only ever going to be an addition to the dead tree device, there is too much to lose if you had to give them up altogether. Some of the advantages are a little pointless when considered. 3500 Books – I doubt I have enough time left on this mortal coil to get through that amount, especially as some of the material downloaded already consists of War and Peace, Vanity Fair, Anna Karenina and Middlemarch.


About Moorendman

A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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