The Swan at Kettleshulme

On Easter Sunday we took a trip out to Kettleshulme to eat lunch at the Swan. The pub itself has a lot of character, serves good real ales from a limited but well kept range,
a short but quality wine list and outstanding food from the kitchen of Robert Cloughley, ex of the Oddfellows, Mellor. Robert is a great cook, he seems always to be learning and keeps his standards very high. The dining space is limited and it can be cramped but the food makes it all worthwhile. Booking is essential. Regular diners all say the same thing, that it’s almost impossible to choose what to eat as there are so many tempting options. I ashamed to say that we have not been for over 6 months , or least within the life of this blog , so this is The Swan’s first review on here.

In my opinion the Swan is one of the best places to eat in the area, and by the area I mean Greater Manchester, North Cheshire and North West Derbyshire. Robert is equally adept with meat or fish, and the quality of the produce used is exceptional and the key to his success.

To start , I ate the Clontakilty Black Pudding served with a mustard sauce and OH tried the Hot Smoked Salmon and Crayfish Risotto. Both were very good.OH , for her main
course , went for the Vension Haunch Steak served with crushed new potatoes and an orange and cranberry sauce which was pronounced very good but not as good as the Veal
T -bone eaten on a previous visit. Fish at the Swan is always a treat, and NOT having the Zarzuela Seafood Risotto was a big decision for me, but made easier by the option to try
the Bouillabaisse, the classic French seafood stew served with a variety of Shellfish, including mussels, clams, king prawns and langoustines, together with chunks of white
fish and a scallop in its its shell on top. The pernod and saffron flavoured sauce was too good to leave and thoughtfully a bowl of good bread was served to mop up. The dish also came with a full set of seafood “tools” to reach those last bits of sweet meat in the Langoustine claws. I would have taken a before photograph but I set to with gusto and, alas , can only show evidence of the aftermath !!

Normally we would share a pudding , but on this occasion, I was informed that would be “each to his own” . I went for the Rhubarb and Ginger Cheesecake served with Ice cream, OH retained the Warm Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream and Chocolate Sauce. we did actually rotate the desserts and the Brownie won by a considerable nose !

To drink we had a bottle of south African Rose, Raka, which was very good and suited both the weather and the food. We left well satisfied but only after another forlorn attempt to persuade the chef to return to his old venue, which was firmly resisted in any case by a local at the bar: ” We are keeping ‘im ”

If you want to experience the dilemma of choice at the Swan, then the menu is here as a PDF. Better still, go in person.

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  1. HK Bingo says:

    you’ve had the bbaise before as well…

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