A view from a different peak..

Greetings to all readers – Mellor View relocates to the South China Sea, specifically Hong Kong for a few days. The reason being to see our sons, one of whom lives here, the other who has travelled from Melbourne, Australia in order to see us.Family visits are so much more these days than a Sunday trip out to Lytham St Annes or Wythenshawe.

We arrived yesterday after a long flight from Heathrow with Cathay Pacific. Cathay have tried to solve the reclining seat problem, you know the one where the guy in front grabs forty winks and you get a Bloody Mary all over your new holiday strides, but the way they have done this means that you are not able to get much sleep on longer flights. The seat is designed as a fixed shell shape within which the upholstery sort out slides about !! Your choice is therefore to learn sleep in an upright position or make an appointment with your physio or chiropractor.

While I think on, a thumbs down to Lynx Taxis who left us waiting on the road for 20 minutes for our trip to the airport and were less than apologetic. Apparently it was our fault that the traffic was heavy on the A6, and it was inconvenient of us to keep calling back when the despatch girl hadn’t yet finished texting her friend or reading OK magazine.

We arrived to a wet but humid Hong Kong around 1.30pm local time and managed to stay up until 10.30 pm. This involved a quick thrash around the central area with number one son to buy a local prepaid Sim card, an air freshener and  a toothbrush. 2 out of 3 objectives achieved with only the air freshener not found in the myriad of shops available that sold everything from obscure dried fish and mushrooms to Mao Tse tung watches. I come to the conclusion that , given the huge variety of olfactory assaults in Hong Kong, air fresheners would be fighting a constant losing battle.

To stave off the jet lag, the plan was to stay up as long as possible, 11 pm would be an achievement. Meanwhile back in the UK , William  is marrying Kate and the country is out in force. Here in Hong Kong, the young , wealthy expatriates are wearing Red, White and Blue where possible, organising scone and Pimm’s parties and generally enjoying themselves. It seems that in Soho, here in Hong Kong’s Mid levels they do serious socialising on a regular basis. Someone had apparently described this area as Falaraki with money.

Two pints of Guinness in Staunton’s just underneath the escalator and it was off to Soho Corner, a Nepalese joint which has an open bar on street , high stools and a simple menu of curries and rice. The Momos ( nepalese dumplings ) were very good but almost chinese in contrast to the other hot and spicy indian dishes we ordered. A final drink in another expatriate favourite, The Globe on Graham Street , finished us off. My choice was a fine pint of Typhoon 8, from Hong Kong’s microbrewery, Typhoon. Difficult choice here as the range of bottled beers would put many UK places to shame.

Lots more to do, see, eat and drink in the coming days. Time for bed…


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A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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