Back to Life, Back to Reality

It’s time to return to the UK in mind as well as the body which landed well over a week ago. It seems that the rain has not stopped since punctuated only by news bulletins that the South East is facing water shortages!

In the news this week is the obscenity that is Glencore. This commodity trading company based in Zug, Switzerland has a turnover of $145 billion which would rank it around 50th in a world league of countries if it were GDP. It is about to float on the stock market and will make at least 5 of it’s director instant billionaires and almost all it’s 485 partners multi millionaires. It will be fasttracked into the FTSE 100 and be a bigger company than Tesco. Meanwhile it’s copper mining operations in Zambia are reportedly causing widespread environmental problems including health issues due to sulphur emissions that are inadequately controlled. It also is involved in a fierce row with the Zambian government over tax avoidance costing this country tens of millions. It has other environmental issues in Kazakhstan too where there are suggestions of major government corruption.

The Qatar world cup fiasco rolls on , with more allegations of corruption and bribes. The FA’s approach is to consider abstaining from voting in the FIFA presidency election, that just means less money needs to be paid out by Bin Hamman. An article I read this week said that there was some Premier League support for Bin Hamman – why??

Manchester City finally won a trophy after 35 years of trying. So it’s time for the famous “odometer” banner to come down from the Stretford End, although it is rumoured that the National Football musuem would like it as a centrepiece on football rivalry.I am sure there will be a replacement though, here is one suggestion:

I suppose whatever gets put up will be like a red rag to a bull!

Whilst away, I was forwarded a list of 100 great books created by the BBC , of which the average person has read only six. I am glad to say I was a bit better than average but here is the list on another site ( which also has some interesting great book lists. All food for the holiday list.

I still have one draft post about HK to come.


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A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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