Oh Lancy, Lancy…

Lancashire have just beaten Hampshire to make it 5 wins out of 6 in the County championship and are finally on course to breaking a record that makes City look succesful. Lancashire last won the County Championship in 1950 but that was shared with Surrey! For an outright victory you need to go back to 1934, about the time when the last Englishman, Fred Perry,  won at Wimbledon. If you think this is over optimistic, then bear in mind that the last 5 county champions finished with an average of 7 wins. So 2 more from 10 games..

A footnote to this and a link to yesterday’s poetry fragment from At Lords:

O my Hornby and my Barlow long ago!

refers to the opening batsmen for Lancashire in the late nineteenth century. One of them, Albert Neilson Hornby, nicknamed Monkey Hornby (brilliant) was one of only two men ever to captain England at both cricket and rugby. He also turned out for Blackburn Rovers a few times when he was at a loose end presumably. He played his club rugby for Manchester Rugby Club of Cheadle Hulme, but is best remembered for captaining England at cricket during the famous match in 1882 which they lost to Australia, causing the obituary of English cricket to be written and The Ashes initiated.

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