The best place for a Manchester Tart is…Marple Bridge

The residents of Marple and Marple Bridge enjoy the services of a number of excellent independent food retailers and one relatively recent addition is Libby’s, an outstanding artisan baker in Town Street, Marple Bridge. Everyone seems to have their favourite bread or pastry from this place, mine being the individual Manchester Tarts, a great version of this custard, jam, banana  and coconut confection in a shortcrust case. You will never taste it’s equal.

The cafe side is an add-on to this excellent craft baker and patissier, but is a quality place nevertheless with excellent sandwiches, good coffee and fine croissants, pastries and other cakes. Home made soup is always available together with the best sausage rolls in the area. The atmosphere is at once welcoming and relaxed and one can linger enjoying the day’s papers over a coffee with no pressure.

The owners proudly boast that the basic bread recipes begin with just the four classic ingredients of flour, water, yeast and salt, unlike many mass produced breads with unnecessary additives. A broad range of breads are available however from Rye Breads to Multiseed and including a sourdough. This sourdough loaf in various sizes has become a chosen house bread in a number of fine restaurants, even including some in Liverpool, where the menus specify the bread as Libby’s by name.

This family run enterprise is expanding into the shop next door so it remains to be seen what other delights we can expect. If you live in the area and have not tried out this bakery and cafe, you are missing out!

Libby's Bakery on Urbanspoon

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