Welcome to Sunny Salford

Lots of little snippets in the Meejah this week about the BBC move to Media City in Salford. BBC Northwest last night had a piece on Alan Beswick, radio’s answer to Fred Dibnah,  presenting his radio show from new offices, Radio Five Live seems to have finally moved in and last week, Blue Peter presenters touched down by helicopter.

What makes me smirk is that Salford and Manchester are doing their best to live up to their meteorological stereotypes. It has barely stopped raining since last Thursday when they started broadcasting some 5Live shows from up here. And it’s not that life enhancing, romantic “wet hair on the beach” type rain either, it’s the “get you pissed wet through” variety of semi mist and drizzle that makes the whole place look like an Adolphe Valette painting.

View of Ship Canal circa 1910, Adolphe Valette

I have little sympathy for these poor dears  as they won’t be travelling north to suffer any salary reductions. On the contrary, many will receive up to £45,000 worth of relocation support. Why do they need that amount of our licence fee money?

Salford or Fuck it was the title of a farewell party held by the BBC Breakfast team in April according to an article in The Guardian this April which also revealed that presenter Sian Williams and more than half of the 86 strong “Team” will not be moving. Still they are in good company; Radio 5  live controller Adrian Van Leveren will  only commute and BBC North Director, Peter Salmon, is only renting. That’s it lads, lead by example.

Finally, listening to traffic news on 5Live this morning  made me smile: ” Standing Traffic on the M60 anticlockwise, delays just north of Knutsford on the M6, Accident at Junction 27 again on the M6 near Chorley………” Nothing happening on the M25 or M4 then?

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2 Responses to Welcome to Sunny Salford

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    They’ll be loving the current delays on the A6 coming in to Salford, then…

  2. A perfumed ponce says:

    It’s grim oop north!

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