Brokenhearted in Seoul and Suffolk..

Is it safe to leave the house yet? I do live in Stockport you know, they are all Citeh here. Last Sunday was a very painful experience, not just the scoreline but also the manner of the defeat and the worrying signs that accompanied United’s worst home result in my lifetime. It was as if all the karma of recent last minute goals that have broken blue hearts, think Rooney, Scholes and Owen, came back to haunt United in the last three minutes of Sunday’s derby, turning a now acceptable scoreline of 1-3 into a never to be forgotten masssacre of 1-6.

Everything went right for City, absorbing United’s best efforts for 20 minutes and keeping composed, a well taken strike from the Italian answer to Guy Fawkes, Ballotelli, the undisputable red card for Evans early in the second half and then the slow death of the red bull orchestrated by Silva the matador. City were better in every department and most worryingly displayed a fine team spirit that will give the lie to the old adage of “you can’t buy a team”. This was Mancini’s best game, ably supported by Kidd and Platt.

This was real role reversal for United supporters, for City it was pure heaven; after living on a DVD diet of the 5-1 and the other one of City’s greatest corners in the last 35 years, the tectonic plates of Manchester football are perhaps beginning to shift.

The saddest aspect was the home crowd. How could they let City’s fans get away with no vocal opposition? All you could hear was the away support, I recall seeing some laser blue shirted bint, waving a Norweigan flag,  singing ” F#*k off back to London, this city is ours,….” – well it may as well be now! United’s seventy thousand were all cameras, replica shirts, no knowledge and no passion, personified by the appearance of half and half scarves. Half blue and half red – this is a step too far in English football’s progression to anodyne, overpriced, rip-off, manipulative “Skytertainment”. This is not the bloody X Factor or It’s a Knockout, this is about history, tradition and values. What are the chances of seeing such scarves at Parkhead when Celtic entertain the ‘Gers or in La Bombonera when River Plate come to call?  I don’t think so………ever.

A final consoling thought, it’s only 3 points and you don’t win anything in October.


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5 Responses to Brokenhearted in Seoul and Suffolk..

  1. Keith Balmforth says:

    You know the law, last defender, your off……and the last time the Reds let 6 in,in 1926 it was the Blues then, 6 – 0 ! The Reds will have to get used to it, it will happen again! Regards. Keith

  2. China true blues!! says:

    City city city!
    I now follow the Blues! Blue moons in rising!!
    It was a massacre! Power shift!!

  3. Moorendman says:

    my old man said be a city fan and I said………..

  4. Clive Saffery says:

    Your posts are scarily similar to my own thoughts. Having discovered your blog whilst doing some research on the chef at 131 in Hong Kong all I need to say is that I’m a match going Red based in Hong Kong, still a soul boy and currently writing a food book in my spare time.
    But shared scarves? Where is the logic in that? Old Trafford should be intimidating for away teams on and off the pitch.
    Having buried myaelf in deepest New Zealand for the last few days I’ve resurfaced and heading for the Globe which is also scarily similar to one of your earlier posts.

  5. Peta says:

    Ah the Globe, where we watched Utd beat Chelsea back in the Spring of 2011 … giddy, happy days

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