The week that has passed was marked by:

A Saturday night “do” in Mellor’s Parish Hall to say goodbye to the vicar, Peter Jenner, who is leaving after 15 years service. As a bring your own event, people brought enough food to feed the five thousand. There was a witty tribute delivered panto-style from two stalwart men of the parish council,  like watching the two Ronnies dressed as pantomime dames. Other entertainment included barn dancing, though, fortunately,  participation was not compulsory and I remained untested. As a sorcerers apprentice (see below) I tried out my limited repertoire of recently acquired conjuring tricks with mixed results, learning that perhaps mathematicians are not the best audiences. The event was attended by all ages from toddlers to the “Father of the Village”, Albert Paynter, who is looking forward to his telegram from the Queen early in 2012 ( Or does she tweet congratulations now?) It was fascinating to talk to a man born before the Titanic sank.

From one glimpse of middle England to another, the following day, a Sunday, and to Stockport golf club, a real bastion of conservatism, and the Midlanders Golf Society’s Xmas golf day. There were only 20 hardy, or foolish, enough to compete for the Captain or the President’s teams, the match cut short to 12 holes as one of the older member’s blood was starting to freeze. The game finished as a honourable draw before many repaired home to bring back wives or partners for a glass or two of mulled wine before a roaring fire, a carvery buffet and some very entertaining table magic from Mellor’s very own Merchant of Magic, Jim Critchlow, who entertained everyone with his many unique tricks and illusions.

The weather turning this week into cold, sleety stuff and the cows moved into the field next door huddled together for warmth in the lea of holly bushes and drystone walls. OH wants to bring them all in, I explained that it is not normal farming practice. The wood burning stove has also earned it’s keep this week, much to the delight of the cat.

A very bad week for Manchester football with red and blue rivalry almost on hold with neither group able to claim solace from the double exit from the Champions League. In truth, City had much the harder group and acquitted themselves well but will be greatly disappointed not to progress. United have to face facts and accept that injuries and the lack of purposeful acquisitions in midfield leave the reds looking like what some are now kindly calling a team in transition. There are too many players that could be classed as young, inexperienced but with some potential , such as Smalling, or young, experienced and perhaps never going to make it , thats you Johnny Evans. Watching the game was a grim experience and viewers were only really put out of our misery by Frei’s goal in the last few minutes. Always look on the bright side though, Thursday evening football will be a new experience for many Mancunians, normally suffering from round ball overkill by this point in the week.

A spectacular car crash in Japan involving 2.6 million quids worth of luxury cars, including eight Ferraris and a Lamborghini.

Normally the first few bars of Mariah Carey’s ” All I want for Christmas is you” send me looking for Scrooge’s humbug jar but as the British aircraft carrier HMS Ocean arrived back in Plymouth this week, her crew’s home-made video based on the song became an internet sensation. This is real feel good stuff and it’s difficult to watch without the eyes going a little misty.


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One Response to The week that has passed was marked by:

  1. Orient Observer says:

    Go on big Jim!
    Surely just a v impressive memory test though??

    Not sure about your Evans assessment either.
    Jury still out perhaps but still v decent chance he’ll make it…

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