To and From the Dar-el-Harb

This month saw the release from jail of Abu Qatada, the extremist Islamic militant who the UK has allowed to live here despite being wanted on terrorist charges in a number of both western and Arab countries. The overwhelming majority of the public would like to see this creature deported with his country of birth, Jordan being the preferred destination. As we all know the UK is currently prevented for carrying this out because of rulings by the European Court of Human Rights. Qatada, despite his hatred for our beliefs and political system has successfully managed to use those very same systems to prevent us from doing what this country would like to do and send him back to Jordan.

An interesting comparison would be that of the Saudi Arabian journalist, Hamza Kashgari, briskly returned home by the Malaysians after blasphemy on Twitter:

12 February, 2012-  KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A Saudi journalist was deported Sunday to his home country, where he was expected to face arrest and possibly death for writing about the Prophet Muhammad.

The journalist, Hamza Kashgari, had been detained by the Malaysian police since Thursday, when he was stopped at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at the request of the Saudi government. Mr. Kashgari, a newspaper columnist based in Jidda, had fled Saudi Arabia amid public outrage after he wrote about an imaginary meeting with the Prophet Muhammad in a series of posts on Twitter, according to news reports.

Human Rights Watch warned that Mr. Kashgari faced “almost certain conviction and a death sentence on charges of apostasy” if he was sent back to Saudi Arabia.

In the case of Qatada, It seems to me that the legal problem could be easily solved by the simple exchange of prepositions. Rather than deport To ( another country) we should simply state our intention to deport From ( This country) .

So Mr Qatada, as a liberal, multicultural, modern twenty-first century democracy we afford even dangerous bigoted fanatics like yourself the opportunity to choose. If you don’t fancy a Muslim state like your home country Jordan, then choose somewhere else ( you may wish to consider a country like France, specifically Strasbourg which is to home to the European Court of Human Rights ) You may specify any destination you wish , you just cannot stay here in the UK.

Why not? Because you arrived in the first place on a false passport, you have publicly stated that you hate our way of life and seek to destroy it and you encourage others to follow your example, you are a danger to our society and our people are tired of providing you and your family with £50,000 a year in state payouts including Incapacity Benefit for a “bad back” ! )

In Glasgow, a well known expression invites a troublemaker in a pub to
“Pick a windae – Yer leaving!”  So Abu , which one’s it to be?

Dar-el-Harb definition


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