Turn the dark cloud inside out, ‘Til the boys come home

This year’s vernal equinox is a sad day as the six soldiers killed in Afghanistan are brought home to RAF Brize Norton. I really cannot accept that our military presence in that Godforsaken armpit of a country is of any use to anyone except arms manufacturers and that odious, corrupt and duplicitous worm Hamed Karzai, President of Afghanistan. Not a day passes without some news of more pointless loss of young lives. The politicians tell us that our presence in Helmand is keeping us safe from attack from Al Qaeda. Surely they are keeping some intelligence from us as it would appear to anyone with little more than a passing interest in that country’s desperate affairs that the main enemy is the Taliban who hide behind the peasant population of the region to carry out guerilla warfare against the coalition troops using IEDs and occasional ambushes. It seems unlikely that the barren deserts of Helmand conceal the only headquarters of any groups bent on bringing terror to Britain. The Taliban seem to have enough to do intimidating the local population and oppressing women.

We are wasting lives and resources in this place whilst the cancer that is Islamic fundamentalism breaks out all over Africa and other regions in the Arab world. Boko Haram murder two hostages in Nigeria, Al Shabaab deal death daily in Somalia and will soon appear in Ethiopia, the Yemen is a breeding ground and safe haven for terrorists, Algeria has thousands of murderous extremists and the newly “liberated” states of Egypt and Libya already have elements who will soon expediently forget the role of the west in their freedom. India, Indonesia, The Philippines and the vast Islamic states of the former soviet socialist republics all represent potential fertile ground for the growth of fundamentalism. Worst of all, Pakistan remains the biggest threat with it’s secret service incestuously linked with terrorism and extremism and large areas of the state outside government control.

Following the horrific and unforgivable murder of innocent civilians by a crazed American staff sergeant in Kandahar, Hamid Karzai was quick to condemn the US forces claiming not to have received full cooperation in investigating the incident and demanding that coalition forces pull back to their bases. Notwithstanding the fact that the Taliban kill around 300 Afghan civilians a month , Karzai only seems to speak out against the very people preventing his inevitable rendezvous with a Taliban rope and a nearby crane or lamp post. When was the last time we can recall Karzai commending the efforts and sacrifices of any  young men similar to those repatriated today?

As a footnote to this madness, today also saw the release if Afghanistan of two British men arrested in January for the possession of rifles without serial numbers. Naturally we can feel confident that all the Taliban’s AK47 rifles are suitably registered and documented by the Afghan police and that anyone from that “community” will be severely dealt with if they are in possession of unlicensed weapons.


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4 Responses to Turn the dark cloud inside out, ‘Til the boys come home

  1. steve Pilling says:

    Superbly articulated, we are only just issuing a sticking plaster over this problem that gathers momentum at a truly astonishing rate.

  2. Mr Mole says:

    Well said, if we stop meddling in muslim countries, most of the terrorism against ‘us’ will die down because the different sects are fighting amongst themselves. We never had much against the Taliban other than their hosting Al Qaeda. They are a nasty crowd but kept themselves to themselves.
    Al Queda were dispersed six years go and now are no more than a franchise like some one selling carpet cleaning machines.
    Our politicians need to realise that we are a small and poor over crowded European country and to stop thinking we have to involve ourself in every problem of the world.
    Sorry, Iv’e hijacked your page.


  3. Moorendman says:

    No need to apologise – you have a valid opinion. Even when we were an empire and a quarter of the globe was coloured pink we failed in Afghanistan. I agree entirely about not involving the UK in every world problem.

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