Nobody likes me, nobody likes me…

Following a plea from one feeling abandoned in the Orient (and without his bears) this post takes the form of an apology from a slacker. April passed by without a post and it was not for the want of material and opinion provoked by events. I had actually sketched out a few ideas but, in the manner of my early 1970 history A-level essays , I was always ” Just polishing it off, Sir”.

At the start of the month, I wanted to write about politics:

I don’t want to pass the events of the first week of April , you know the week that  starts  with April Fools day, pass unremarked. The major parties seemed intent upon demonstrating their mastery of yah-boo or schoolboy politics with Labour’s scathing attack on the Tories pasty tax

“Osborne you ponce, you’ve never had a pasty from Greggs  have you? How are “hard working families” going to survive without their daily pasty and sausage roll from Greggs now that you have added VAT to these items.”

Well presumably they will manage by continuing to use the local chippy, kebab shop, KFC etc which already pay VAT.

The nonsense continued with the petrol panic and the Tories ill-timed advice to people to top up their car fuel in advance of the tanker drivers possible strike. This was later compounded by Francis Maude suggesting that people should fill up Jerry Cans and keep them in their garage. A poor woman in York learned that it was not sensible to try to decant petrol in a kitchen whilst using a lit gas stove and Labour demanded Maude’s resignation.

Whilst the main parties continued to bicker in the playroom, the pseudo-muslim George Galloway was finalising his landslide victory in Bradford West by-election with a 15,000 vote swing. By skilfully avoiding debate over halal pasties and focusing only on the oil motive in “illegal wars” in Musslim Lands, Galloway managed to push all the right buttons and secure himself a 15,000 vote swing. The adulterous apostate ( not converted yet George? ) besmirched his real muslim opponent with inferences that he was a drinker whereas George the cat has never taken a drop. Strange how so many of Bradford
West’s newly energised voters ignored Galloway’s frequently professed support and admiration for the murderers Assad, Ahmadinejad and Saddam Hussein whilst focusing only on the great satanic western occupiers of Iran and Afghanistan, not to mention the oppressors of Hamas, sorry Palestine. I am consoled only by the thought that constituencies often get the MP’s they deserve.

We ate a number of meals out in April but the two highlights were probably San Carlo Cichetti and Libby’s Bread and Wine. Both of which deserve more explantion in another post.

April was also about anniversaries. The first two weeks were dominated by Titanic with all the main media using the 100th anniversary as the basis for many interesting articles, programmes, tales etc. It was also the 30th anniversary of The Falklands War which in hindsight could have been a disaster for Britain.

Other events that “poked the bear” included the miserable turnout in local elections, less than 30% in some cases. It’s now official – more people are interested in Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice than in who runs their local council if voting is any measure. The news that over 2000 highly paid civil service bosses are avoiding income tax by setting up service contracts as companies and ,finally, the odious and opportunist Ken Livingstone failing to oust Boris the Buffoon as London Mayor despite his endorsement by Shaykh Galloway and all the postal votes he could muster.

In mitigation for my lack of blogging effort, I claim gradfatherhood, the demands of both helping to organise and participating in the Mellor Open Gardens event ( please follow the link and click on the Google ads as they make the charity money ), winning games of golf and, actually, doing some work. This last included creating a website for our local Chimney Sweep. T’internet has finally reached all levels of the business world!


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