Only limeys are around at 5 am

Usual jet lag, exacerbated by Red Bull and 6 samples of Heartland brewery beers led to a 4 am wake up and a 5 am stroll. Love this city already.

We had arrived the day, a Sunday, on an early United Airlines Flight from Manchester. 8 friends in 4 couples  spending 4 days in New York celebrating one member of the party’s 60th birthday. ( Sounds like an 11plus arithmetic problem; if 4 people fly 3249 miles…..)

landing in Newark ( a new state to tick, New Jersey) we had taken the bus into town and walked top the hotel dragging our cases along Lexington Avenue fro a few blocks like impecunious students on a gap year. Settled into our hotel, we ventured to eat and drink at Heartland Brewery’s Radio City location. A great burger and a sampler platter of the beers on offer hit the spot.

We wandered around the Rockefeller Center but despite queuing could not get up to the “Top of The Rock” without waiting for over an hour. We decided to leave this for another day and spent the rest of evening wandering around in awe ( at least for those of us who were New York first timers.  The Art Deco decoration of the RCA building was superb.

Jet lag began to kick in and an early night was in order. The next four days were going to be busy.


About Moorendman

A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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