But if it rains again like it did today..

..I’m going to have to leave a little bit sooner. The Met Office has confirmed that June 2012 is the wettest and dullest on record. And July seems to be heading in the same direction given last night’s downpours. When will it end? Is it all the fault of the Jet Stream or should we blaming the banks? What have the Geordies done to upset the big fellow upstairs?

The weekend that has passed was drizzly on Saturday, and although Sunday was forecast to be a better day, it simply rained all day. The OH is now convinced that the media’s forecasters are in league with the governmment in a desperate attempt to prevent mass rain induced suicides.

Finally finished off a couple of jobs and I am hoping for some samples as a bonus in addition to my invoice. The Boggart Brewery, a long standing Manchester microbrewery, has joined the digital revolution with it’s e-commerce operation to sell beer in bottles on the Internet with www.online-beer.co.uk. (Smashes bottle of Boggart’s Rum Porter in ship launch type ceremony but the computer screen cracks…)


About Moorendman

A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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