Put down your playstations and run..

After a weekend of olympic glory in  so many different sports apart from our “national” game perhaps it’s time to forget that big round ball, those Tangos, Jabulanis and Aztecas from Adidas and admire the true corinthians. Find a pommel horse or a rowing boat. Sign up for your local running club, buy a racket and join the tennis club, get on your bike, learn how to sail. Find your inner sensei and buy some sturdy pyjamas, put on those golden gloves, use your fascination for guns in a constructive way. The time for inspiration is now!

If you want to see courage and inspiration look no further than the cyclist, Joanna Rowsell who suffers from alopecia, imagine how having a name like Bradley Wiggins must have gone down at school and  Mo Farrah, a child refugee from war torn Somalia, who wanted to give something back to the country that gave hime refuge

When I was a kid, the overgrown old factory sports field behind our house was worn smooth by kids playing, riding motley bikes around improvised tracks, bamboo canes would be borrowed from allotment sheds to improvise high jumps or hurdles, long jump pits and sprint lanes would be marked out. All inspired by a few short black and white hours of small screen from Tokyo or Rome.

It’s time to claim back those school sports fields, accept competitive sport back into schools, stop whinging about independent school’s better resources and start making a difference. The success of 2012 lies not only with the outstanding performances of all those various athletes but also with the great coaches and organisers such as cycling coach messiah, Dave Brailsford and other less well known heroes like Manchester boxing legend Brian Hughes

What a great weekend it was to see Britain on it’s feet cheering in the open air without a sniff of Simon Cowell, enjoying themselves doing something other than shopping, watching Andy Murray beat Roger Federer in straight sets. Maybe the Olympics will kick start a change in our society after all. I sincerely hope that sales of Wiis bomb and Olympics 2012 for the Xbox gets remaindered.

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One Response to Put down your playstations and run..

  1. If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got says:

    What a difference encouragement makes !

    Shock news: public cheer athletes, telling them “we believe in you” and it inspires those human beings to respond with exceptional results.

    No newspaper articles saying we picked the wrong squad, or booing if the first jump wasn’t a world record or others were leading after the first lap.

    I wonder what would happen if we took the same approach to some of our other sports teams…. but then again these guys aren’t getting paid 200 grand a week so the Great British public don’t begrudge a life they don’t have.

    He’s no right to get nervous, he gets paid enough bloody money.

    How many of those would change their opinion if it’s their own son / daughter getting picked to play football for their country….?

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