The Innocence of Malala

A week that began with the long overdue final expulsion from our country of Abu Hamza, despite the protests of his  equally deluded cronies (or brothers and sisters as they would prefer to be known) at his final court attempt to remain in the land of the hated Kuffar, concluded with another another shocking event that militant Islam were happy to claim complete responsibilty  for.

If you don’t like it…..

The shooting in the head of a 14 year old schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, by a bearded taliban gunman on a school bus  in Pakistan’s Swat valley because she was considered to be promoting western values by going to school and blogging about it.  The official Talibastard spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan, confirmed by phone on Tuesday that Ms. Yousafzai had been the target, calling her crusade for education rights an “obscenity.”

“She has become a symbol of Western culture in the area; she was openly propagating it,” Mr. Ehsan said, adding that if she survived, the militants would certainly try to kill her again. “Let this be a lesson.”

The outrage demonstrated by large numbers of more liberal Pakistanis has no doubt encouraged the authorities to offer a £100,000 reward for the capture of the would-be assassin. That particular reward will sit  next to the similar amount offered by Pakistan’s Railway Minister, Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, to anyone who kills the maker of the “innocence of Muslims” film. One wonders which reward is more likely to be collected?


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