Nadine, honey is that you?

Simple question : You have passionate views on subjects such as abortion time, sex education and abstinence for younger teenage girls and the role of women in Politics. Which of the following two courses of action do you believe will allow you to make your views known and achieve some progress?:

a) Become a Member of Parliament in a party that  currently enjoys power to effect legal changes to those issues you feel so moved about.


b) Sign up for a celebrity TV show in the Australian jungle for a month that is largely watched by people who are more likely to recognise Khloe Kardashian than Theresa May or give a name to the lead singer of JLS rather than the current Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Everyone now knows how Mad Nad, the council estate scouser voted. Nadine Dorries chose the Deal of £40,000 for up to a month of listening to assorted morons and being surrounded by various low level life forms. Still , she has already managed one thing she may not have expected to do as a hardworking, constituency serving MP, she has made the front page of Heat magazine ( or least the website here)

Note: this site is not normally on my list of bookmarks but I needed to check how to spell the Kardashian sisters’s first name. I thought it may have started with a “K” but I needed to make sure.

**The title of this post is a line from Chuck Berry’s Nadine. Another verse goes:

I saw her from the corner when she turned and doubled back
And started walkin’ toward a coffee colored cadillac
I was pushin’ through the crowd to get to where she’s at
And I was campaign shouting like a southern diplomat

Can Eric Pickles duck walk?


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One Response to Nadine, honey is that you?

  1. Mike says:

    I have to say the program does nothing for me. In fact the whole concept is rather sad and only goes to highlight that the insect have more intelligence than many of the contestants.
    As for Ms Dorries, if she wanted to make a prat of herself in her own time that is fine by me, but as I understand it some of it will be in time that she is paid to be in the House of Commons or at the very least doing the business of her constituents.
    MPs have a bad enough reputation as it is, but to swan off in tax payers time is taking the P***, if I left my job without asking and taking annual leave I would be in trouble.
    I think when she gets back and another long recess is in full swing she should have to go to the House of Commons and sit in detention every day ’till the time is made up writing lines, “I must show more respect for tax payers money”

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