From now on, I am going forward

The  debacle over the removal of three Romanian  children from the KKK hood wearing, jack booted, sorry,  UKIP card card carrying, but otherwise examplary, foster parents in Rotherham has been written about a great deal this week. Every political party have roundly condemned the stupidity of the Rotherham Children’s Services department. To date no apology has been issued, only a pathetic defense of her department’s action by Rotherham’s Strategic director of Childrens services, Joyce Thacker.

This response was liberally salted with all the usual platitudes and pseudo-business speak. It seems that some of the upper echelons of management in the Public Sector feel the need to support their often quoted claim that they could earn much more in the private sector ( well, go on then !) by the constant use of business speak. This habit is made all the more risible by the fact that many of the phrases they employ are, in a sense, so to speak, so last season in the business world. Used now only by public sector strategic directors and , er, contestants on Junior Apprentice. Ms Thacker’s squirming televised explanation on BBC news contained frequent references to “process”,” issues”, “meeting needs” and “going forward”.

This last empty phrase,”going forward” is now heard everywhere in politics, the media and business. Surely, the more a speaker uses it , the less they actually have to say and the less impressive they appear.

The comedian David Mitchell in his video soapbox sums it all up for me.

I sincerely hope that UKIP win this by-election


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A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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