Christmas Tradition #2 – The Christmas Quiz 2012

The stalwart followers of this blog, well at least two out of the three of you, will know that each year the OH and I join three other couples of a certain vintage for our “works do” at The Arden Arms in Stockport. This will be our 11th or 12th year and each time I put together a quiz for our gang. There are those of us who suspect that there are other “groupie” type people who actually ask when we are having our lunch so that they can eavesdrop and enjoy it too. Surely not?

Any road, for any such flatterer or indeed anyone else looking for inspiration for their own quiz, this year’s efforts are here as two downloadable PDFs. The theme is Film and Music with two rounds of picture quiz, one of cover songs, some pop questions with a film link and finally a round of 15 questions on music tracks in Films. This year it’s multimedia so you would need to download the music yourself and add it as a playlist to your Ipod, Smart phone or MP3 player.  As we are playing this in a pub , I have sourced a useful little speaker for my Ipod:


Such a cool bear, eh? By the time this post gets online, we will be well into the port and cointreau and arguing over Round 4.Here are the links to the quiz.
(Please note questions and answers are together on two pages):

film music picture quiz

filmandmusicquiz questions and answers

My compliments of the season to you, let me know if you find it useful and enjoy it.


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A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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  1. YS says:

    ray bear-n

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