Phil McCartney’s Funeral

The funeral of Phil McCartney will take place at Mellor Church at 1pm on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013. The response to my short piece on Phil’s death has been remarkable. Many people have taken the trouble to express their feelings via comments and many hundreds have read the piece. I hope his family take some comfort from these heartfelt and genuine comments made by so many who held him in high regard.


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4 Responses to Phil McCartney’s Funeral

  1. Paul Burroughs says:

    Phil, so sad to hear of your all too early departure from this world. You were a great friend and a true soul mate as one of the Derbyshire “naughty boys”! God bless you mate. Sleep tight. Paul.

  2. andrew davis says:

    I lost touch with Phil during the past few years and am very saddened at the news. Phil is one of the finest men I have ever had the pleasure to meet and be in the company of. He made a huge impact during the 20years I knew him during and post his time at ‘The Derbyshire’. Andrew Davis

  3. Chris Smith says:

    So sad to hear the news of Phil’s passing. I’ll remember my meetings with him as being too few in recent times, but back in the day at The Derbyshire Building Society then what great times. Always grateful to Phil for the help and advice intertwined with general hillarity and fun. A mark of the man that I left any meeting with him happier than when I started. Chris Smith.

  4. Wendy Price (aka Whelan) Manger Of The Derbyshire Glossop Branch says:

    I was not surprised to see people turn out in their hundreds to give Phil a good send off! Top bloke. He was my Area Manager. Back in the day of the Derbyshire Building Society .Probably the best boss I ever had. Many a deal struck over a pie and a pint! A kind caring and funny man. not to mention generous (with the company expenses) ha ha Happy Days!! My thoughts are with his family at this time. RIP Phil xx

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