Getting a Head at John Lewis

At her trial for massive tax evasion it was revealed that Leona Helmsley, the famous New York property millionairess,  had told her housekeeper that “We don’t pay taxes, only the little people pay taxes!” .  I am always reminded of this whenever I visit the self-styled “top people’s store”  John Lewis  where it’s not taxes that are avoided but marked parking bays.


Have you ever noticed that the cars parked on the double yellow lines or other non parking areas invariably are the most expensive Mercedes, Audis and Range Rovers usually with personalised plates. Too full of their own self importance to waste any time parking in some marked parking space that may inconvenience them with an extra 30 second walk, the F***  Y** mobile is just dumped somewhere a lot closer to the front doors by its owner safe in the knowledge that the yellow lines are for “the little people”. Those Never Knowingly Undersold are not about to enforce parking restrictions on some potential big spender.

This Sunday morning snapshot was irresistible  – what you don’t see are the dozens of empty spaces just yards away as it was only 10.55am.

“O” for a “head” !


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A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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3 Responses to Getting a Head at John Lewis

  1. Rob says:

    Now that needs submitting to … (warning, strong language).
    Heck.. I’ll send them a link myself 🙂

  2. Moorendman says:

    Go for it. Never seen that site before, quite a good laugh.

  3. @hoga4 says:

    I saw your blog via the @yplac twitter feed. Nice article, and very, very true.

    Many photos of similar parking from Mercs, Audis and assorted 4x4s on display daily at @yplac. I’m sure they would welcome any other examples you see on your travels. 🙂

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