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Almost as Famous as the Posh Potato

I had read many things about Almost Famous online (where else? The web and social media is their only publicity) and I was Almost Prejudiced against it. Why? Because of  several enjoyable visits to the other, apparently rival,  burger restaurant … Continue reading

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Lord knows I’m Les Miserables now

Why did I do this? Perhaps I needed to know why the rest of the world seems to love this so. I have always been something of an outsider and considered it to be a facet of my personality, for … Continue reading

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Lemme tell ya them guys ain’t dumb..

It is 8 a.m. and I am about my morning tasks when the phone, a landline with the customary 0161 prefix,  rings: “Mr Stockton?” “Yes” “Chimpsons remoovahls” “Sorry?” “Shrimpsums remoovaals” “I am sorry , can you say that again? I … Continue reading

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