This domain name and website relates to a car buying scam. We have a car advertised on Autotrader and we received a text offering to buy it at a slightly reduced price. It also said that they will send an agent round to buy the car with cash and take it away.

Here’s the scam:

On the website you key in an activation code and they say that they will confirm the time and date of purchase/collection. But first , as their time is expensive, they will need to take a refundable deposit of £75 which their agent will refund when he calls, regardless of whether or not they decide to buy.

Alarm Bells !!! Obviously Not!

I checked out the domain name and it was registered yesterday! There were no contact details that were at all traceable on the site and further google research found nothing at all further about ( hardly surprising as it has only been live for day .With any luck and a following Google wind, he can read about his site here soon though.)

Working on the basis that the scammers simply register a new name every month or so and use the same website,  I googled  a chunk of text on their website as follows:

Our car buyers sort through 1,000s of cars every week in the AutoTrader looking for cars to stock our Finance Car Warehouses

and that  threw up a variety of links to various scam sites including this one:

The further point is that the mugs will only lose £75 each, too little to be bothered with going to police ( who will probably just say that they dont have the resources.)

The usual moral of the story applies, if sounds to good to be true , it usually is !

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UPDATE 13.24 Wednesday 19th November

Autotrader are now warning users of this site and giving police contact details for anyone who has paid a deposit:

People say believe half of what you see, son
And none of what you hear
But I can’t help bein’ confused

Marvin Gaye

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4 Responses to

  1. James says:

    They were only going to charge me 50 pounds!! WHAT A BARGIN!!!
    Also i didnt know how they were going to get from Marchester to London in 1 hour!!!
    Total Scam pleople, dont fall for this – i nearly did!!

  2. This happened to me today! Can’t believe I fell for it! Lost £50! Police informed, fraud informed tomorrow. How are these people allowed to get away with this!?

  3. rd02 says:

    I was sent a text some weeks a go. They were offering more than I was asking for the car on auto trader. Is sounded too good to be true. My car did not sell so I decided to check out there website only to discover it had been disabled. I also discovered this discussion. If it is too good to be true don’t fall for it, I agree…

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